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Welcome to Brasa Chicken, an authentic peruvian restaurant in the San Antonio area. We provide a variety of the most famous plates from Peru. Our menu has everything you need to, to fall in love with Peruvian Cuisine. Order online now and get a nice taste from Peru. Or come and join us in our installations, we will be more than happy to assist you with a great service and tasty food.

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Welcome To Brasa Chicken

Peru is one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world, with it’s towering mountains, beautiful coastlines and of course one-of-a-kind Peruvian cuisine. Here at Brasa Chicken Peruvian Rotisseria our mission is to mend everything brilliant about Peru into a delicious authentic meal for you and your family.

Arroz Chaufa 

Peruvian fried rice dish with Asian influences, fried rice, green onions, eggs, ginger and Peruvian soy sauce. You have the choice of the tree meats; chicken, shrimp, and sirloin. Or you can customize your order!

Tallarin Saltado

Flambéed in a wok and sautéed with onions, tomatoes, and Peruvian soy sauce. Served over lightly stir-fried spaghetti. You can choose either chicken, sirloin, shrimp, or veggie. 

Lomo Saltado

Treasured Peruvian stir fry dish with Asian influences made with sirloin, red onion, Peruvian soy sauce, ginger, white rice and crispy fries. You can also choose your Lomo saltado with either chicken, sirloin, or veggie.


What People are Saying

The food came out to the table hot and fast.

What a perfect little hidden gem. The food came out to the table hot and fast. Everything was fresh and flavorful. The owner was personable,  knowledgable and very friendly,. My wife and i had a delightful time and are instant regulars. A must visit for food lovers.

Michael Uthe

“Tasty Chicken”

I can’t begin to describe how tasty their chicken is and they even have sauces to go with it that makes them much more delicious. They have a noodle dishes here too that has an exotic name but we always order it with their chicken and they seem to go well together. “

Ane Fun

“Fast and friendly service”

Tried the 1/4 chicken with yucca fries and a friend got the lomo saltado with chicken. Both were very fresh tasting and delicious – very interesting blend of spices on the chicken, and served with two really great special sauces. Fast and friendly service. Will definitely go back.

Jack Sanford

“I recommend the place 

I tried the whole chicken with 3 sides. Chicken was very good, juicy, tasty, fried plantains awesome, beans with rice, and salad. Good portions, well done and actually repeated the next day. I recommend the place.

Alfredo Lozano

“Love this place!”

Love this place! Fried rice is the best here. Yucca and plantains are perfect and Inca Cola is definitely a drink of the Gods. Chicha morada is also a distinct drink that’s worth trying. I don’t think anything on their menu is average because they sure do cook well. One of my new favorites. Very quiet and quaint. Can be romantic. “

Carolina Esparza

“Food was fresh”

Food was fresh. Chicken was so juicy and grilled over charcoal not gas!! Absolutely flavorful.  Will definatly go back. Price was reasonable too.

Louise Quiroga

“Unique juicy tasty chicken 

Was reccomend by a local about this place while I was in town for work trip relations.  Probably best unique juicy tasting chicken within a 250 mile radius there.  Would love to know more on type of seasoning they mix there.

Jorge Cornejo

“Love the food”

Love the food. Flavorful like no other in town. Delicious! “

Milagros Nunez

“I was very impressed”

Was brought here to try some authentic Peruvian cuisine and wow! I was very impressed. Everything tasted great. The portion sizes and prices were very good as well. Will definitely be returning. Thank you!

Alexander Nye

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11:00am – 9:00pm

11:30am – 9:00pm

11:30am – 9:00pm




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